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Our Company is one of the largest independent with full-service tradings. We are a technology-oriented trading services company within expansion over 100 nations by 300 000 individual clients that have trusted us for their trades.


To give the best client experience fxcryptoclub.cc arranges classes and unique events, giving its customers educational materials, front line trading platform and most recent technologies on all markets. Both beginner and expert traders will discover these sessions helpful.

We believe that our experience of approximately two decades has helped us to integrate our knowledge and expertise in the trading industry with the best platforms, research human resources that can help us provide to our client's highly profitable trades.






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Robin Crymer

I chose fxcryptoclub.cc because this Company offers competitive spreads and superior execution. They don't have any limitations on automatic trading. Additionally, they give negative balance protection.

John Bell

There is one thing that you are going to love about fxcryptoclub.cc. They have zero swaps and zero commissions. What could you ask for? Expert traders will know what this really means. You unquestionably have to get into fxcryptoclub.cc

Juliete Moner

As a person who has worked on a daily basis, I love to have active trading sessions at night. fxcryptoclub.cc is good platform directly for this operations. The total market during you can work with electronic coins and still make some profits.

Daniele Tate

Knows what I need and sharing great advice that brings excellent results. I will recommend this broker, especially to beginners. I wish for this company's success in the near future.

Conner Johnson

fxcryptoclub.cc truly deserves a good review. During the experience with them I had positive results most of the time (few payment delays may happen everywhere). They offer big variety of trading instruments with reasonable fees and good spreads. A support guy Tim or Benjamin (not sure) always helps with any issues during few minutes on chat. As satisfied and happy customer I can recommend this company

Jonye Slye

I am an experienced trader and look into details prior choosing the trading platform. It took time for me to figure out what are commission and fees. I left my request and only after the support contacted and informed me what are the numbers. It has zero swap and zero commission. That is perfectly what I was looking for


  •   Q: What exactly are Bitcoins?

    A: Very simply put, Bitcoins are a cryptocurrency, which is a type of digital currency. Digital currencies, like Bitcoin, do not exist in a physical form, yet can be used in the same ways to conduct online transactions, and to be bought or sold in exchange for a fiat currency. Think about money that you have in your bank account. It’s possible that the money is there even though you have never physically handled the bills. You can withdraw cash and see it in a physical form, but most of it you keep it in your account. When you use a credit or debit card, the bank uses the funds that are in your account that you have not physically handled, and transfers the amount digitally to the vendor or business where you used your card. Bitcoins are very similar. The money is there, even though you cannot touch it physically. You can cash it in, or exchange it for a fiat currency, or you can allow it to remain in its digital form. Bitcoins were first created in 2009, and in the years since then have grown in value on the global market in relation to other currencies, and today are accepted as valid payment by over 100,000 merchants and vendors around the world.

  •   Q: If I have a fxcryptoclub.cc account, how can I purchase Bitcoins?

    A: Holders of an account with Coins-Xchange simply need to fund their account, either via a wire transfer or credit card. Once your account is funded, you place a bid on the exchange the how many units of Bitcoins you wish you purchase and how much you are willing to pay per unit. When a seller has the number of you units you wish and is willing to accept the price you offer, you buy the Bitcoins using the funds in your account, and the units go into your eWallet.

  •   Q: How can I fund my account in order to buy Bitcoin units?

    A: You can fund your account either via a direct wire transfer from your bank, or with your MasterCard or Visa. If you live in the United States, you also have the option to use Automated Clearing House (ACH) for depositing. fxcryptoclub.cc places the utmost priority on the security of our clients’ funds, and we use 3D Secure to ensure that security.

  •   Q: What personal information does fxcryptoclub.cc demand, and why do you need it?

    A: As mentioned above, the security of your funds is of utmost importance to us. Equally important is discretion with which we hold your personal information. By using the state-of-the-art technology that is fully compliant with both KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations, we feel that we are able to safeguard your information and your money. By requiring our clients to provide valid identification, such as a current passport or driver’s license, proof of payment method and a recent utility bill with the client’s name and current address, we are better able to ensure that only the client is depositing - and more importantly - withdrawing funds from his account. Think of the process as similar to opening a bank account. Just as you would want to know that your bank is making every effort to keep your funds secure and accessible only to you, the same is true when opening an account with fxcryptoclub.cc

  •   Q: Why do I see such a wide variety of Bitcoin prices on exchanges?

    A: Usually, the value of Bitcoins is dependant on its speculative value in relation to fiat currencies. On different exchanges, and against different global currencies, From exchange to exchange, depending on both the fiat currency against which Bitcoins are being trading and the confidence traders have in those currencies, the value of Bitcoins can vary. Usually not by very much, but at least some.

  •   Q: What is the best way to trade Bitcoins?

    A: There are several methods that work well for trading Bitcoins, depending on how much experience a trader has, and how cautious he wishes to be. Beginning traders do well with long-term positions, which enable them the time to watch how markets are acting and reacting, and to make any necessary adjustments to their portfolios while there is still time. Another option for novice traders is trade CFDs, or Contracts For Difference. A trader purchasing a CFD is not buying Bitcoin units, but only the difference in price between when he buys the CFD and when he sells it back. A CFD can be purchased with less capital than Bitcoins, and the percentage of profit can be higher. More experienced investors may opt to trade more short-term positions, relying on their experience and ability to read market trends and movements to their advantage.

  •   Q: Why should I trade with fxcryptoclub.cc rather than any other broker?

    A: fxcryptoclub.cc has a staff of expert analysts and traders who can help any investor - from a raw beginner to a seasoned veteran - make the most of his portfolio. We provide the guidance and education so that our traders are not only making wise investments all along the way, but they are learning about how they are doing so at the same time.

    The fxcryptoclub.cc platform is both intuitive and user-friendly, so that even first-time traders can find their way around and understand what they are doing.

    Most importantly, fxcryptoclub.cc connects traders with one another - veterans are able to share what they know with less experienced traders and help teach them how to read market trends and when is the best time to invest. Video training sessions, blogs and newsletters complete the package in which all traders can bring their proverbial game up a notch throughout their time on our platform.

  •   Q: What is Forex?

    A: The foreign exchange market, also known as Forex, is the market where one currency is traded for another. It is one of the largest global financial markets. Foreign exchange is an interbank, over-the-counter (OTC) market which means there are no single universal exchange for specific currency pairs. The foreign exchange market operates 24 hours per day 5 days week.

  •   Q: When is the Forex market open for trading?

    A: Forex operates in a 24 hour marketplace. The trading day begins in Sydney, Tokyo follows, then London, and finally New York.

  •   Q: What is a CFD?

    A: A CFD, also known as a "contract for difference", is a contract between a broker and a trader, regarding the price of an underlying instrument. It is traded in the form of opening a position in the direction of a certain instrument price and the amount of shares. If the position moves in favor of the trader, then the broker will pay the difference between the opening price and the closing price, multiplied by the amount of shares in the contract. If the position moves against the trader, this will result in paying the difference to the broker. Such contracts are non-delivery contracts.

  •   Q: What is a Lot?

    A: "A lot is a standard size of a transaction.

    1 lot or a Standard lot = 100,000 units of the base currency in a currency pair.

    If we take EUR/USD for example, 1 lot will be 100,000 units of EUR.

    Other volume related terms:

    * 0.1 lots or a Mini lot = 10,000 units.

    * 0.01 lots or a Micro lot = 1,000 units"

  •   Q: What is a Gap?

    A: Gaps are created after a period of inactivity in the market, for example, after the weekend when the market is closed, the market can then open on Sunday at a much higher, or at a much lower price than the closing Friday price.

  •   Q: What is Slippage?

    A: Slippage occurs when a client's trade is executed, not at the requested price, but at the next best available price. Slippage is created by the high volatility of the market, when the market price changes rapidly.

  •   Q: What is Margin?

    A: The necessary guaranteed funds required to open positions, or to maintain Open Positions, as determined in the Contract Specifications for each Underlying Financial Instrument. You can calculate the margin requirement by using the Margin Calculator.

  •   Q: What is hedging?

    Hedging consists of opening two opposing positions of the same size, on the same trading symbol.

  •   Q: What is a PIP?

    A PIP (Percentage in Point) is the smallest price movement. For example on EUR/USD, if the price changes from 1.07412 to 1.07413, then price moved by 1 pip (10 points).

  •   Q: What is the spread?

    The spread is the difference between the Bid and the Ask price. fxcryptoclub.cc offers variable spreads starting from 0.10 pips.

  •   Q: What type of Calculators do you offer?

    A: fxcryptoclub.cc offers the following calculators which can accessed by free :

    • Margin Calculator.

    • Pip Calculator.

    • Pivot Calculator.

    • Position Calculator.

    • Currency Convertor.




✓ The largest market in the world

✓ 24-hour around-the-clock trading.

✓Profit in both bull and bear markets.

✓No trading curbs.

✓  Instant executable trading platform

✓Popular Cryptocurrencies

✓Without having to take ownership.

✓Long or short positions

✓No virtual wallet required

✓Access with less capital

✓Popular stock portfolios

✓Influential publicly traded companies

✓Exposure to top financial markets

✓High volatility

✓Profit in both rising & falling markets


✓Average turnover

✓Trade 24 hours a day,

✓Trade 5 days a week

✓High volatility

✓Different metals opportunity



✓Trade without an underlying asset

✓Trade with fixed spreads


✓Hedge against inflation

✓Zero commissions

✓Support 24/7

✓Fully localized

✓Making a profit in a bearish and bullish market

✓Increase your profit potential


Trade on FXCryptoClub platform designed to meet the demands of all types of traders.

Our range of exchanging stages has been custom worked to convey the most extreme execution, adaptability, and speed. You'll profit by refined exchanging highlights, proficient graphing devices, coordinated market,  advanced knowledge and that's just the beginning.


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CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 64% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.